Food Manufacturer Tackles High Growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP

When a local food manufacturer turned national and experienced substantial growth, they knew it was time to replace their existing enterprise application with a product that could handle their new increased production requirements.
The Opportunity
The company’s current ERP application did not integrate well with other applications and was causing redundant data entry and errors. The company knew that they needed a more modern application that could better track raw materials costs, improve customer interaction and enhance financial reporting. In addition, this manufacturer sought a product that could work well with their current Microsoft Office applications.
The Solution
After looking at the issues it was decided that implementation would take place in two phases with the implementation of the following products:
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Scribe Software Integration Tool with GP and CRM Connectors
The Results

The old ERP application and legacy reporting tool retired.
Sales-related data from legacy systems integrated seamlessly into Microsoft CRM with Scribe software.
Microsoft CRM custom objects unified all information into one single database and retired old and inefficient word documents.
Revised & improved business processes streamlined through the use of Microsoft CRM workflow engine which operates automatically without human intervention based upon defined business rules.
Microsoft Dynamics GP-related data transported directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM avoiding the cost of training and purchasing GP licenses for sales team members.

Do you have a company that is having a difficult time managing high growth? Your outdated ERP system may be a high percentage of the problem. If you are looking to update your current ERP, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP partners.
by Logan Consulting

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