Earthfall preview: Left 4 Dead meets an alien invasion on Xbox and PC

Earthfall is a gorgeous co-op squad shooter that feels like Left 4 Dead in all the right ways.

Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise is often brought up when discussing the pinnacle of squad-based horde shooters, and for good reason. Their quality, polish, and mechanics have led to the series having a sizable player base even a decade post-release. Though games like Zombie Army Trilogy and Killing Floor 2 have made attempts, and while Vermintide 2 has done admirably, nothing else on the market has quite managed to capture the imagination like Left 4 Dead.

Earthfall, a new co-op horde mode shooter currently in Early Access on PC, has now stepped up to the plate. And with its dynamic spawning system, excellent enemy variety, finely-tuned difficulty, and creepy alien aesthetic, it just might be the first game to live up to and even surpass Left 4 Dead’s legacy.