Dex for Xbox One review: Striving for singularity

Dex is an open world side-scrolling action RPG platformer set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, created by developer Dreadlocks Ltd and published via ID@Xbox.

Right off the bat, it’s hard to ignore the obviously heavy influences from films such as The Matrix and Blade Runner throughout Dex’s hand-drawn environments and design. Heck, even some of the locations could have been plucked straight from Blade Runner. One of the supporting characters is even called Decker…

You play as the titular character — Dex — a woman pulled from her bed and plunged into a world where she doesn’t know what’s going on, why she’s involved, or what she has to do.

True Blue

Dex’s story starts after being hounded by The Complex – a corporation that created Kether, a program capable of unsupervised learning. With infinite computational processes, too much development caused it to grow into an Artificial Intelligence. In order to block it from going rogue, the Complex included a failsafe virus within Kether’s programming, and the two AI’s have been in a stalemate for decades. Dex is Jesus to Kether’s God — she is the one to end this deadlock by being Kether’s champion in the real world. Hopefully.