DERPi leverages Azure’s hosting capabilities and flexible scaling to fuel their new diabetes intervention and prevention application, HiPTT

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, The Diabetes Education Research and Prevention Institute (DERPi) is a diabetic research organization on a mission to educate the national population about diabetes and its effects, as well as develop strategies for intervention and prevention – particularly in pregnant women.

DERPi’s new software application, Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy Trinidad and Tobago (HiPTT), is changing the local medical industry, facilitating, for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago, a system of data logging, analysis, visualization, archiving and communications necessary to provide efficient support to pregnant women. “We expect HiPTT to be a game changer for pregnant diabetics through personal empowerment of patients and care givers, measurable improvements in operational effectiveness and efficiency as well as a profound change to the culture of service delivery and catalytic stimulation of ICT-based entrepreneurship in the health sector, says board member Surujpal Teelucksingh.
Already used by three medical institutions in Trinidad and Tobago, HiPTT will help any medical institution, public or private, stimulate improved patient self-management, enable personal empowerment and, ultimately yield improved medical outcomes and reduced burden on the public health care system.
“At the heart of HiPTT is a web portal which supports the full cycle of data entry, flow and visualization between patient, doctor and medical laboratories for the management of diabetes in pregnancy,” continues Teelucksingh “The application allows for the registration of patients and institutions, covering doctors, administrative staff and medical labs.
A BizSpark member, DERPi depends on a wide variety of Azure technologies to power their cloud based solution. Hosted entirely on the Azure network, HiPTT used Azure Web Apps to build the front-end web app and Azure SQL because of its easy setup and flexible scaling. Azure Blob has played the important role of storing ultrasound images – allowing the doctor to quickly recall past scans – while Visual Studio has been used extensively for coding.
“Azure and the BizSpark program have been integral to the creation and completion of HiPTT,” says Teelucksingh, “They provided us with all of the technology we needed to build the solutions, saving us money and getting us to market much quicker than we could have on our own. Plus, they have an incredible support structure and have been there for us at every step of the way.”
Looking for information on diabetes prevention, intervention, and treatment in pregnant women? Looking to make a difference? Check out DERPi’s new application, HiPTT.

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