Clippy takes on Siri and the world in this amazing music video

Before Cortana, there was Clippy. Clippy and the BSOD are a few of the many legacies associated with Microsoft usually meant to poke fun of the company. Clippy, in particular, is still used in pop-culture and is a solid reminder of Microsoft’s failed attempt at an Office Assistant 20 years ago. A new video though portends a different future for Clippy. The video begins with Clippy helping someone in 1995 and then fast forwards to a bleak future with the little guy (virtually) hanging himself with the old ‘loop tool’ (clever!). From there, Clippy goes on what can be best described as a journey of self-discovery after learning about Apple’s Siri, err SHANiA. How does it end? You need to watch it for yourself. We will say this, though, the video does an excellent job of further anthropomorphizing Clippy. It is hard to not feel for the maligned helper even if he does go a little berserk at the end. The song ‘Ghost’ by Delta Heavy is surprisingly catchy too. Watch it. Comment. Source: YouTube; Thanks, everyone, for all the tips!