Celebrate Earth Day with refurbished Surface devices from the Microsoft

You can save some money while reducing e-waste, thanks to a sale through the Microsoft Store.

Today is Earth Day, and while you might not immediately associate saving and appreciating the planet with technology, Microsoft has a few ways that you can commemorate the holiday. Right now, you can pick up the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse and several refurbished Surface devices at a discount.

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is made from recycled ocean plastic that was recovered from oceans and waterways. Microsoft takes that plastic, cleans it up, and turns it into pellets that can be used to make electronic devices. That process contributes to the unique look of the mouse, which has flecks of different-colored material in it.

Save on Surface

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse | $5 off

$20 at Microsoft

This mouse is made with recycled ocean plastic that’s been recovered from oceans and waterways. It connects through Bluetooth 5.0 LE, allowing it to work with PCs and a wide range of devices.

Refurbished Surface devices | Up to $350

From $242 at Microsoft

Purchasing a refurbished device is a great way to save money. It also helps reduce e-waste. Microsoft has several refurbished Surface devices available, including the Go 2, Laptop 3, and Pro 7.

Buying a refurbished Surface device can save you a few dollars while also reducing e-waste. “Good for the planet,” says Microsoft. “Buying refurbished is a sustainable way to own a Surface that’s held to the same standards as all our devices.”

Picking up a refurbished device is always a bit cheaper than ordering a new one, but there are additional savings today through the Microsoft Store.

Refurbished Surface Go 2, Pro 7, Laptop 3, Pro 6, Laptop 2, and Pro X devices are available through the Microsoft Store. Stock on refurbished devices can run out quickly and vary depending on what Microsoft has available.

Celebrate Earth Day with refurbished Surface devices from the Microsoft