State of Decay 2: Known bugs and launch issues

State of Decay 2 is an addictive zombie apocalypse simulation, but it’s not perfect.

Several bugs hinder the overall experience in State of Decay 2 as of writing, but Undead Labs is hard at work to polish up and fix the finished product.

Here are some of the issues we’ve found, and some of the issues Undead Labs is currently working to fix.

Viewers flock to shooter games while the Asian Games gets ready to host MOBAs

Massive Online Battle Arenas are heading to the Asian Games on PC and mobile.

Multiplayer shooters are seeing a rise in players registered, which is also being reflected in the number of viewers coming to watch the odd match here and there. Rainbow Six Siege, for example, has seen a 300 percent increase in the number of heads gazing at the live broadcasts. More progress is being made on the Olympic front as the Asian Games looks to work with Tencent by bringing six esports titles to the games.

Microsoft testing new 'Departments' menu in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft is making a small change to the Microsoft Store that better promotes the different types of content you can get from the store on Windows 10.

Microsoft appears to be testing a new “Departments” drop-down menu in the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 that better promotes the different types of content you can find in the store itself. Unlike other platforms, the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 is home to more than just apps and games; it includes movies, TV shows, hardware, extensions, and much more.

It has often been said that discovering all the types of content on the Microsoft Store is a difficult endeavour, thanks to the apps’ not-so-great navigation system. The new Departments menu should better showcase the different content users can find on the store, as said menu is categorized into four main areas: Software & apps, Entertainment, Devices, and Deals.

Each category lists five different areas in which you can find content in the Microsoft Store. For example, the Entertainment category promotes PC gaming, Mixed reality, Movies & TV, Books and Xbox. Software & apps promotes Office, Windows 10, Edge extensions, a ‘Customize Windows’ area, and ‘Software support’ area.

Is Divinity: Original Sin II worth it on Xbox Game Preview? Let's take a look.

Xbox Game Preview just keeps on delivering.

Divinity: Original Sin II – Definitive Edition launched on Xbox Game Preview a few days ago, and we were fortunate enough to play the opening chapter on Xbox One X. Those who purchase the $59.99 game can get early access to the title, but you can’t go past the first environment. Luckily, even the first prison fort area is filled with numerous quests, quirky characters, and incredible secrets.

Charge your phone wirelessly for only $10 with RAVPower's Fast Charging Pad

This wireless charger is ideal for nightstands and desks.

RAVPower’s Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad drops to just $9.99 at Amazon when you enter promo code RAVPCC14 during checkout. This deal saves you $5 off its current price.

You can also grab an updated, sleeker version of this charger for $10.99 with code RAVPC083.

With a wireless charging pad, you can eliminate those nights you go to bed forgetting to plug in your phone. Every night will be like that after all, as you’ll be able to just drop your phone on this charger to ensure it has a full battery in the morning. It features protection against overcurrents, overheating, and over-voltage.

There’s also an LED light which changes from blue to green to indicate whether your device is on standby or charging. No wall adapter is included with the charger however, so you may want to pick up an extra if you don’t have one lying around already.

Age of Wonder: Planetfall brings turn-based empire building to Xbox One and PC

Age of Wonders: Planetfall seems like the ultimate sci-fi strategy game.

Today, Paradox Interactive announced Age of Wonders: Planetfall, a new strategy game from Triumph Studios. You may remember the developer from critically-acclaimed games like Overlord. The title is coming to consoles and PC in 2019.

Chime in: Are you frustrated with Microsoft's lack of support outside the U.S.?

Microsoft is often criticised for its lack of commitment to countries outside of the United States, but it’s a real problem for those of us who aren’t US bound. We want to know your thoughts!

Microsoft makes many products and services, spanning from hardware to software, but more often than not a lot of what Microsoft makes available is only available in the United States. Most of Cortana is still U.S. only, with only a subset of Cortana’s features available in other markets, for example.

Surface devices are often only available first in the U.S before coming to other countries too, which is frustrating if you’re someone who wants the latest and greatest from Microsoft as soon as it’s available.

Enhance your gaming experience with an Xbox One X 1TB console for $410

It’s time for an upgrade.

Newegg’s official eBay store is offering the Xbox One X 1TB console on sale today for only $409.99 while supplies last. This deal saves you $90 off its regular price and is the best price we’ve seen on the console in a while. It can usually be found for $500 at retailers like Amazon.

With $90 in savings, you could use the rest of what the console should have cost you on essential gear, like this dual Xbox One controller charging stand or an additional controller. Games like Far Cry 5 or Skyrim would also be smart pickups.

Newegg’s eBay store includes free shipping with this offer.

Huawei's Signature Edition MateBook E is down to $699

Don’t miss out on this limited time discount.

Amazon has Huawei’s MateBook E Signature Edition on sale right now for only $699, saving you $300 off its regular price.

The MateBook E Signature Series has a 2K display, a 7th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. There is a narrow bezel to keep it looking sleek, and it is one of the first laptops to launch with a Dolby Atmos sound system. It has a USB-C port and comes with the Folio Keyboard.

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this laptop since Black Friday, so don’t miss out in this discount.

See at Amazon

HP Envy x2 Always-Connected PC review: Lots of potential — and some compromises

Windows 10 on ARM is not for everyone, but for me, the Envy x2 has become an essential daily tool that I won’t give up.

The HP Envy x2 is garnering a lot of interest – and skepticism – as it is one of the first new PCs to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Snapdragon 835 used in the Envy x2 is found in many popular smartphones and questions remain about how good it can be at powering a full desktop OS like Windows 10.

As it turns out, the Envy x2 with its exceptionally long battery life, always-connected 4G LTE, and instant-on abilities indeed is a marvel. It is, in many ways, an iPad Pro but with Windows 10. That’s not to say there aren’t some rough spots, but if you stick to apps in the Microsoft Store, it is a surprisingly satisfying experience.

The $1,000 price will deter some, but that shouldn’t for everyone. The Envy x2 is made for a specific user, and it has become one of the most transformative devices I have used in recent years.