Typical problem with my office computer motherboard

It might be odd but its fact that my office computer won’t boot with the set BIOS configuration.

As I switch on my office PC it will display a message as “Disk boot error. No boot disk found” I have set the BIOS configuration with the active hard disk boot but it won’t recognize the hard disk on the first start-up, if I press restart button it will detect the hard drive and boot normally. Office PC has Windows XP Service pack 3 installed with latest updates and drivers.

Anyone have any idea what might be the problem?

You can give your genuine solution / suggestions in my post comments section.

Meanwhile I am trying to figure out what acually the cause. If I found the solution, I will be posting the solution for this in comments  section.

Problem installing Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 Server

Recently one of my friends bought a PC with the below said configuration:

  • Intel Core2Duo 2.2GHz
  • Intel Classic Motherboard
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive

When we tried installing Windows XP Professional it was showing BSOD as soon as it loads the setup files and we were not able to install Windows XP neither on SATA HDD nor on IDE. Then tried installing Windows 2003 Server, all things were going well until the screen says installing Device Drivers and got struck and prompted unable to read Windows 2003 installation CD. Tried the same with other copy of Windows 2003 Server installation Disk but resulted with the same above mentioned error.

Later found to be a guess that Windows XP below SP2 or Windows 2003 Server below R2 will not be able to install on the above said now PC configuration because we tried installing the same using Windows XP Professional SP2 and Windows 2003 server R2 and it gone smooth and both installed successfully.

What we came to conclusion is that with the above described problem is without the updated version of Windows with latest Service Packs you can’t able to load Windows on latest PC configurations.

I hope this information will help if you are facing the similar issue.