How to open Office 2007 docx, xlsx, pptx files in Office 2003 or lower version

Office 2007 file format convertor is necessary when you want your Office 2007 docx or xlsx or pptx file to be opened or edited in Microsoft Office 2003 or lower version installed Windows machines.

There is a solution to this problem and is provided by Microsoft itself. Microsoft released a Compatibility plugin called “FileFormatConverters.exe” which can be downloaded from the below given link and installed on a machine having

  • Microsoft Office 2003 with at least Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft 2002 with Service Pack 3
  • Microsoft Word 2000 with Service Pack 3

By installing this compatibility plugin you can open, edit and save Office 2007 Word documents docx, Office 2007 Excel spreadsheets xlsx, and Office 2007 PowerPoint presentation pptx files in lower version of Microsoft Office.

Download Office File Convertor

Microsoft Outlook can be used as RSS Feeds Reader

RSS is abbreviated as either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feed are Rich website Summaries and Syndication and can be created using XML.

Now almost all the news, business, blogs, social networking website have RSS feeds and publish summaries of their content in a form that is easy for users to browse.

To subscribe the available RSS feed/s you need to have an RSS Reader and Microsoft Outlook 2007 allows you to subscribe to available RSS Feeds just like that.

A very simple example would be subscribing Tech-KB feed in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Just click on “Subscribe to RSS Feed” link available on this page at the top right navigation bar. This will ask confirmation message whether to launch Outlook Application, click on “Launch Application” and that is it. Congratulation you have subscribed to Tech-KB feed.

Another way to subscribe is copy the “Subscribe to RSS Feed” link by right clicking on “Subscribe to RSS Feed” and click on “Copy Shortcut” in IE 8, “Copy Link Address” in Google Chrome” or “Copy Link Location” in Firefox. Now open “Microsoft Outlook 2007” click on “Tools” > “Accounts Settings” and then click on “RSS Feed” tab then click on “New” and paste the copied link and click on “Add” and you are done. Now whenever you open “Outlook” you will get all the new content available in your Outlook RSS Feeds Folder.

Microsoft Word Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Common Microsoft Office keyboard shortcut commands which help you work better and lot more easier with Microsoft Office Word application.

Ctrl + N – New File
Ctrl + O – Open a file
Ctrl + S – To save file
Ctrl + W – To close file
Ctrl + F – To Find text
Ctrl + H – Find and Replace
Ctrl + Z – Undo
Ctrl + Y – Redo
Ctrl + M – 0.5” Tab Spacing
Ctrl + Home – Move cursor to beginning of the File
Ctrl + End – Move Cursor to End of the File
Ctrl + Page Up – Scroll one page up
Ctrl + Page Down – Scroll one page down
F7 – Check Spelling and Grammar

Below are the keyboard shortcuts which are to be used on selected text:

Ctrl + X – To Cut / Move
Ctrl + C – To Copy
Ctrl + V – To Paste
Ctrl + B – Bold Text
Ctrl + I – Italic Text
Ctrl + U – Underline Text
Ctrl + L – Align Left
Ctrl + E – Align Center
Ctrl + R – Align Right
Ctrl + J – Align Justify
Ctrl + 1 – Single Line Spacing
Ctrl + 2 – Double Line Spacing
Ctrl + ] – Increase Font Size
Ctrl + [ – Decrease Font Size
Ctrl + D – Open Font Dialog Box
Shift + F7 – Thesaurus (Dictionary)

This is not all the shortcut keys mentioned isn’t it? Yeah, that’s right! We will be updating with more shortcut keys in near future.