Bing Ads July Recap: Launches, Updates and Reminders

In case you missed it, here is a summary of products, features and notifications to be aware of as we head toward the Fall lineup.
Beta launch: Bing Native Ads (US Only)
Bing Native Ads beta has launched in the US on MSN, offering advertisers the ability to target user intent.  Bing Native Ads is designed to naturally align with that of the placements in which they appear, ensuring an optimal user experience.

For more information and updates, visit the Bing Native Ads page.
Now live: Bing Shopping Campaigns (US Only)
Thank you to our participating advertisers on the beta- we’re pleased to announce that Bing Shopping Campaigns is officially live in the US!  Bing Shopping Campaigns now offers the following features and functionality:

For details, check out Neha Mohan’s official blog announcement. Ready to get started? Visit the Bing Shopping Campaigns page.
Improved: Demographic Targeting (Global)
We’ve leveraged more demographic data from user’s search and display behavior to increase global age and gender coverage for Bing Ads. Now the coverage of targetable users has more than doubled, allowing you to get your message across to more relevant customers that are relevant to you.

For more information, check out the blog announcement or learn how to target customers.
New: User-requested additions to the new Home Page (Global)
Based on your feedback, we’ve improved the Bing Ads Home Page to include customizable modules and period-over-period comparison data for the Performance Graph and Top KPIs.

For a full description of updates, see Bella Jin’s blog announcement.
New: Save columns, save time in the UI (Global)
You no longer have to manually add, remove, and change the order of columns in the table every time you move something around.  Now you can save the columns you want in the order you want, and easily recall these particular columns whenever you want.

To customize what data shows in your table, visit this Help page.  For more details, see Sara Johnson’s official blog announcement on this time saver.
Updated: Bing Ads Policy messaging (Global)
Now it’s easier for you to see why your ads or keywords have been disapproved. In the Bing Ads Web UI, you’ll see clear explanations for any disapprovals along with links to the related Bing Ads policies to help you make the necessary changes.
Notice: One display URL domain per ad group begins in August (Global)
Beginning August 31st, we will allow only single display domain to be associated with an ad group. This amendment will be global and apply to ad groups across countries and languages.  For more information and details on what is and isn’t compliant, see this blog announcement.
Reminder: Content Ads begin to sunset in August (Global)
As part of our commitment to increase ROI, Bing Ads will no longer serve Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo, and partner websites. Non US customers will not have content ads and US customers opted into content ads will only have those content ads serving in Windows media and Windows Apps. For more information, see Nikhil Arun’s blog announcement.
Notice: Changes to WAP Mobile Ads begins in September (Global)
In September 2015, Bing Ads Web UI will not allow you to create new text ads with the ad type: WAP mobile ad. Bing Ads Editor 10.9 will not support WAP mobile ads in any operation (sync, import, export). You will still be able to edit existing WAP mobile ads using Bing Ads Web UI and the V9 API services, however.

Like deprecating Content Ads, deprecating WAP mobile ads is a part of our constant effort to optimize the supply we have in order to deliver great ROI for our advertisers. 
For more information and a timeline of what to expect when, see Jamie Chung’s blog announcement.
Stay tuned, there’s a lot coming this fall
Thanks for reading and, as always, we’re happy to hear your thoughts on enhancements we can make to improve your Bing Ads experience. Stay connected with us through Feature Suggestion Forum, Twitter, or Bing Ads Feedback.