Answer your doorbell from anywhere with Ring's $199 Video Doorbell Pro

Ding dong, who’s there?!

Ring’s popular Video Doorbell Prp is back down to just $199 at both Amazon and B&H for a limited time. This doorbell normally sells for around $250.

Keep in mind, to use the Video Doorbell Pro properly you will need to have an existing hardwired doorbell in the place you want to install this one. Installation is super simple and only takes a few minutes once you get started. Ring includes a variety of faceplate colors so you can pick the one that matches your house.

B&H doesn’t charge sales tax at the time of purchase to those who live outside of NJ and NY, and also has the Video Doorbell 2 on sale for $179.

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How Microsoft's AI platform is giving people with blindness super powers

Microsoft’s mission to help individuals and businesses to do more includes bridging the gap between the sighted and the blind.

According to the world health organization there are about 253 million people living with some degree of visual impairment or blindness.

Many of these people receive assistance in the form of a service animal, human aid or technological support. Honing their other senses to levels that may seem to approach super human abilities (to those of us with less acute senses) are another means people with blindness attempt to bridge the gap between themselves and the sighted.

Microsoft and developers have seen the opportunity this dependency on other senses as a means to introduce technology as a bridge between the sighted and the blind. Through Microsoft’s AI platform and Cognitive services other senses are “enhanced” to provide some of the benefits of sight.

Here's a list of Windows 10 S devices you can buy right now

Are you looking for a laptop with Windows 10 S? Here’s a list of all the laptops we’ve found so far shipping with Windows 10 S today!

Windows 10 S is what Microsoft wants the future of Windows to be. It’s a version of Windows that stays fast, secure, and is locked to the Microsoft Store for all your apps and games. Announced last year, only a handful of Windows 10 S devices have made their way to the market, with more scheduled for release this year. Most of the Windows 10 S laptops on the market today are low-end, low-cost devices, not premium ones.

Still, here’s a list of devices we’ve found that are available to buy today with Windows 10 S. We’ll update this article whenever we find more, so bookmark it and come back later to see more!

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is the rightful king of the Windows 10 S market. Being the first device to launch with Windows 10 S, the Surface Laptop is a device designed to show the world what a Windows 10 S laptop is supposed to look like. It’s a premium, straight-up laptop that has no special 2-in-1 capabilities. It’s the MacBook of the Windows 10 S world, and it’s great.

Vehicle adventure game 'Far: Lone Sails' gets PC release date

Far: Lone Sails should launch on PC before you know it.

Far: Lone Sails is a vehicle-based adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players traverse a dried-out seabed littered with the remains of a dying civilization. To keep their unique vessels going, players must overcome numerous obstacles and withstand the hazardous weather conditions, never knowing how far they will be able to make it or what they will find. The experience focuses on exploration despite the peril.

Fitbit OS 2.0 rolling out to Fitbit Ionic with new gestures, Deezer, and more

Quick Replies are coming later in the spring.

The Fitbit Versa is Fitbit’s latest smartwatch, and with it comes an upgraded version of Fitbit OS that debuted on the Ionic last October. Now, Fitbit’s updating the Ionic with the Versa’s improved software.

Officially titled as Fitbit OS 2.0, the update is rolling out now to 10% of Ionic owners. Fitbit calls this a “progressive rollout,” and all Ionic users should have the update within the coming weeks.

This is a big update for the Ionic, and perhaps the most notable change is how you now interact with the watch. Swiping down now reveals your notifications and a swipe up takes you to the new “Fitbit Today” page. This houses all of the information found with the old Today app, including your steps, calories, floors, distance, and active minutes. Your main goal is shown first with a graph of your progress for the last seven days, and you can swipe left on this to see your other stats.

Sonic Mania Plus box possibly confirms Xbox One X upgrade, new racing game teased

Sonia Mania should be getting an Xbox One X upgrade soon, but that’s not all.

Sonic Mania is an excellent game which manages to capture the nostalgia of past entries in the franchise. However, many gamers expressed some concern with the title for its lack of Xbox One X support. Even though Sonia Mania features pixelated visuals, they can appear rather blurry on a 4K display because a 1080p image is being stretched out. Despite its smooth gameplay, experiencing this presentation is a less than ideal experience.

Astroneer's latest update overhauls vehicles on Xbox One and PC

Astroneer is an exploration-based game where you gather resources and explore the wonders many planets hold.

Astroneer launched in Xbox Game Preview many months ago and has since received a steady stream of updates. While many of them have introduced important features, yesterday’s “Update 0.6.5” has to be one of the most significant ones. As always, the developer recommends starting a new save when playing new updates. Older saves should work, but will definitely trigger bugs.

Train Sim World Founders Edition Xbox One review: Railway authenticity at its finest

Train Sim World Founders Edition is an extensive, detailed simulator that will teach you many aspects of the process of driving trains and managing a schedule.

Most genres have found a place on the Xbox One, and everything from shooters to puzzle games are common on the console. However, one type of game rarely seen on Xbox is simulators. Aside from Zoo Tycoon, Kerbal Space Program, and Farming Simulator, not much else exists on the Xbox Marketplace.

The arrival of Train Sim World Founders Edition changes that, and thanks to how extensive and authentic it is, people looking for a top-notch simulation experience will be more than happy with this locomotive-themed title. Though some bugs and performance issues exist, they shouldn’t stop you from giving Train Sim World a shot.

Windows 10 preview build 17120 makes its way to the Slow ring

Slow ring Insiders can now get their hands on Windows 10 preview build 17120, coming days after it hit the Fast ring.

After shipping out to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring earlier this week, Windows 10 preview build 17120 is now available for Insiders on the Slow ring.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview build 17623 to Skip Ahead Insiders

Windows 10 preview build 17623 is rolling out to Skip Ahead Insiders, bringing a handful of new features to the Redstone 5 development branch.

Alongside a new Windows 10 Spring Creators Update preview build for Fast ring Insiders today, Microsoft has also rolled out a fresh build for Skip Ahead Insiders.