ASUS NovaGo hands-on: Your laptop is now a smartphone

The ASUS NovaGo is going to be the first Qualcomm-powered gigabit LTE laptop, and it’s a big deal.

When you’re in Hawaii, you don’t want to be stuck inside, so perhaps it was the perfect location for Qualcomm and ASUS to unveil the world’s first gigabit laptop, the NovaGo.

The ‘Go’ in the laptop’s name denotes both a sea change for ASUS — a company that was among the first on a number of well-received innovations, from the ultrabook to the 2-in-1 to the netbook itself — and, perhaps, the mobile industry.

I say ‘mobile industry’ on purpose, because the two devices being announced at Qualcomm’s annual Snapdragon Summit — the other being the HP Envy x2 detachable — are essentially smartphones running Windows 10 S. They may look the part of a laptop, and in the case of the NovaGo a fairly unremarkable convertible, but they offer all the benefits of your average smartphone. From Daniel Rubino’s summary of the Always Connected PC category:

The main benefits of Windows 10 on ARM and Always Connected PCs comes down to three main features: