Descenders Xbox One preview: An intense cycling thriller

Become a world-class biker in this high speed, thrilling sports game.

Though I typically like to steer clear of sports games, Descenders, a new biking game on Xbox One game preview, is an outlier for me. I’ve never enjoyed bike riding in real life due to a fear of injury (I’m pretty clutsy) but doing it in a virtual setting eliminates that risk. What I found with Descenders is that it simulates what it’s like to be a stunt biker — something I never could be — and gives the player complete freedom to enjoy it.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two launches on Xbox One and PC in June

Elite: Dangerous is a surprisingly popular space simulator given its complexity and learning curve.

Recently, Frontier Developments launched Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One on Xbox One and other platforms. Luckily, a barrage of new content will hit the system soon as the developer just announced Chapter Two’s release date. The update is coming to the console on June 28, 2018 and brings with it numerous enhancements.

How to tell which files are eating up your Windows 10 PC storage

Advanced Solid State Drives (SSDs) with high capacity remain out of reach for consumers on tight budgets, so filling up available space on PC hard drives remains a common fear for many folks.

When looking at installed drives in Windows Explorer, it’s difficult to judge just what is taking up occupied space. Luckily, there are a few handy tools that can help you clear out space. Here’s a look at some of them.

Other options
In order to get your PC prepped and ready for analysis, it’s a good idea to run your favorite cleaning tool to clear out the cache and other temporary or unrequired files that are taking up valuable space. Our chosen cleaning suite is CCleaner. Even if you’re planning to use another analyzer, we recommend you use a tool like CCleaner to get rid of temporary files and other junk.


Best Gaming Keyboards for Under $100 in 2018

If you’re looking for a great gaming keyboard but you’re on a tight budget, you’ve come to the right place.

PC gaming is a potentially expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s perfectly possible to work on a tight budget and still create an epic setup that’ll give you thousands of hours of gaming bliss.

This is true of keyboards, too. You can spend a fortune, but you don’t have to. We set a limit of $100 and selected the best keyboards you can get within that budget.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey possibly leaks ahead of E3 2018

It seems that the Assassins are going to Ancient Greece., the outlet that originally leaked Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for Xbox One, recently posted images of an “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” keychain. The keychain features a Spartan helmet which points to that era. The game supposedly takes place in Ancient Greece and is the sequel to Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The Microsoft Launcher for Android now lets you track your kids’ whereabouts

Microsoft is launching an update to its Android launcher today that gives parents the ability to track their kids’ location. This is one out of a number of parent- and kid-focused announcements the company made today. Others include the ability to block sites in Microsoft Edge on Android and the launch of MSN Kids, a new curated news website for children.
At the core of these new features are Microsoft’s family group settings that already allowed you to do things like track a child’s activity on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices or limit screen time in general.
“As a mother to a young and curious daughter, I deeply understand the need for tools to help balance the use of technology in the home as well as out of the home,” writes Shilpa Ranganathan, the General Manager of Microsoft’s Mobile Experiences group, in today’s announcement. “It’s especially near and dear to me as leader of a team building experiences for mobile devices. We emphasize the idea of transparency as a guiding principle for these new experiences.”
The new tracking tool is rolling out with today’s update of the Microsoft Launcher for Android and will put the latest known location of your kids right in its personalized news feed.
I’m not sure how useful blocking access to sites in Edge for Android really is, but if you manage to lock your kids out from Chrome or any other pre-installed browser — and block them from downloading them — then I guess this could work.
As for MSN Kids, Microsoft notes that the site will curate information from trusted sources, including Time for Kids, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, and USA TODAY. It’s worth noting that there is no sponsored content or advertising on the site.


The Microsoft Launcher for Android now lets you track your kids’ whereabouts

AWS launches pay-per-session pricing for its QuickSight BI tool

Amazon QuickSight, the company’s business intelligence tool for AWS, launched back in 2015, but it’s hard to say how much impact the service has made in the highly competitive BI market. The company has far from given up on this project, though, and today, it’s introducing a new pay-per-session pricing plan for access to QuickSight dashboards that is surely meant to give it a bit of a lift in a market where Tableau and Microsoft’s Power BI have captured much of the mindshare.
Under the new pricing plan, creating and publishing dashboards will stay cost $18 per user and month. For readers, though, who only need to have access to these dashboards, AWS now offers a very simple option: they will now pay $0.30 per session up to a maximum of $5 per month and user. Under this scheme, a session is defined as the first 30 minutes from login.
Previously, AWS offered two tiers of QuickSight plans: a $9 per user/month standard plan and a $24/user/month enterprise edition with support for Active Directory and encryption at rest.
That $9/user/month is still available and probably still makes sense for smaller companies where those who build dashboards and consume them are often the same person. The new pricing plan replaces the existing enterprise edition.
QuickSight already significantly undercuts the pricing of services like Tableau and others, though we’re also talking about a somewhat more limited feature set. This new pay-per-session offering only widens the pricing gap.
“With highly scalable object storage in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), data warehousing at one-tenth the cost of traditional solutions in Amazon Redshift, and serverless analytics offered by Amazon Athena, customers are moving data into AWS at an unprecedented pace,” said Dorothy Nicholls, Vice President of Amazon QuickSight at AWS, in a canned comment. “What’s changed is that virtually all knowledge workers want easy access to that data and the insights that can be derived. It’s been cost-prohibitive to enable that access for entire companies until the Amazon QuickSight pay-per-session pricing — this is a game-changer in terms of information and analytics access.”
Current QuickSight users include the NFL, Siemens, Volvo and AutoTrader.

AWS launches pay-per-session pricing for its QuickSight BI tool

The future of Cortana is all about helping you work better on Windows 10 and beyond

Cortana has been stagnant in the market for some time now. Google and Amazon have leapfrogged Microsoft in this market, which is a real shame. So, what’s the plan here?

Microsoft’s own digital assistant Cortana is a very curious case in 2018. It’s a feature (service?) that appears to be alive and kicking internally, but showing little to no sign of improvement externally. Cortana has become stagnant in the digital assistant market; it’s still mostly US only, its dedicated speaker game is basically non-existent, and its integration with Windows 10 (the only platform where it has any leverage) kind of sucks.

At this point, there’s nothing Microsoft can do to compete with Google or Amazon. Cortana has fallen too far behind to play catch up, and honestly, it doesn’t look like Microsoft wants to compete in the digital assistant market anyway, at least not in the consumer space. If they did, we’d have seen some action from Microsoft by now fighting back, but we haven’t. So, what’s going on? If Cortana is alive and kicking internally, why isn’t Cortana improving on the surface?

Instead of chasing Google Assistant and Apple Siri, Microsoft is repositioning Cortana as a “productivity assistant” to help you get stuff done.