Chime in: When Spring Creators Update hits, will you opt-out of the Insider Program?

Are you an Insider for life, or will you be dropping out of the program once the Spring Creators Update rolls out?

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is just around the corner, and Insiders are already testing the build that will go out to the public in early April. Lots of Insiders like joining the program so they can get access to the next version of Windows early, so now that the Spring Creators Update is done, will you be opting out?

Microsoft caught in crosshairs of gender discrimination claims amidst #MeToo movement

In the wake of Microsoft’s far-reaching inclusion efforts in hiring practices, product design, and company culture it is morbidly ironic that the company finds itself in the crosshairs of a potential class-action lawsuit for discrimination against women.

I have made it my business to report on the admirable efforts Microsoft has made to embrace overlooked populations such as African Americans and people with disabilities. Hiring practices, support organizations, scholarships, intentional product design and more have been infused with Microsoft’s inclusion mission.

Hands-on with the Twitter Progressive Web App (PWA) for Windows 10

The first progressive web app shows a lot of promise on Windows 10.

With the coming release of Windows 10 Redstone 4 in April Microsoft is also letting free progressive web apps (PWA) in the Microsoft Store.

I’ve already done a lot of theoretical talk about the PWA platform, why Google is behind it, and how it will level the app field across platforms, but we now have a real live example in the form of Twitter.

Twitter’s PWA is live in the Microsoft Store for those on the Windows Insider Program (or build 17133) and it replaces the older Universal Windows Platform (UWP) native app.

To be clear, the current Twitter PWA is still a preview. Things like Service Workers – one of the core components of PWAs that handle offline usage, notifications, and more – won’t be live until April when Microsoft enables the feature through the Store.

Other things like dark mode, video uploads, and pasting images to the new tweet field are also missing but are expected in the coming weeks.

Celebrate World Backup Day with these discounted hard drives at Amazon

Keep your data safe.

As part of its Gold Box deals of the day, Amazon is offering some big savings on a variety of hard drives to help you keep all your personal data backed up. Being World Backup Day, there’s no better time to have a deal like this than today. Whether you are looking for a 2TB external drive to keep on your desk or an 8TB drive for your NAS, this deal has you covered.

Some of the best deals from this sale include:

Frostpunk is hitting PC soon with bad weather and moral choices in tow

It’s cold and dark out there. Will you allow the weather to kill your people or will you make the tough decisions?

From the creators of This War Of Mine comes Frostpunk, an upcoming city builder PC game with a few unique twists. Announced in August 2016, Frostpunk will be set in the summer of 1886 when severe weather patterns destroyed crops and resulted in millions of deaths worldwide. The job of the player will be to lead a small band of people who locate a generator, fire it up and develop a civilized society.

Watch as wholesome Sea of Thieves pirates give out free treasure chests for Easter

It’s Good Friday today, and many of us will be sitting down to do some light (or heavy) gaming across the long Easter weekend. To get into the mood, take a look at this lovely video from Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves is a polarizing title. On the one hand, players yearning for a more traditional RPG experience have been decrying the lack of progression in the game, while millions of others have been sailing the seas, indulging in social experiences utilizing the intersecting mechanics offered by the game.

I saw this video from groble on Twitter, and just had to share, as it truly represents the magic that Rare has managed to capture in Sea of Thieves.

Huawei MateBook X Pro's infinity display puts the competition to shame

It may look like a MacBook Pro, but Huawei’s latest goes beyond our expectations.

Nearly one year ago I reviewed the Huawei MateBook X a thin, well-built Ultrabook that had a 3:2 display and outstanding audio. Competing in the same class as the Surface Laptop I couldn’t wait to see what the company did next.

Today, I have my answer in the form of the MateBook X Pro, a high-end, premium laptop that blurs the line between Ultrabook and performance laptop.

Maxin G30 in-ear gaming headset is a cool concept with a fatal flaw

The Maxin G30 is a cheap, in-ear headset that’s great to travel but the microphone quality is disappointing.

A good, easy to travel with gaming headset is something folks who use a gaming laptop are probably interested in. An in-ear headset with a detachable boom microphone sounds great, especially when it also costs less than $25.

The Maxin G30 is very much a headset of two halves, meaning there are plenty of points to like about it, but one big elephant in the room.

Oculus Rift's Gold Rush VR event gives you a chance to win big

Oculus is celebrating its birthday by giving YOU a chance to receive quite a few choice prizes!

As of March 28, 2018, Oculus turned two years old. Not only is it offering a new sale with plenty of new games available but the company also released information about a contest that will be held inside of Brass Tactics. If you’re interested in earning some prizes, including a brand new Oculus Rift, check out the information below!

Play Brass Tactics free to enter

You will have the option to play Brass Tactics for free until Monday, April 2, at 3 am EDT. To participate in this challenge, you need to be playing Brass Tactics during those times to enter. So, not only are you entering to win, but this is also a perfect opportunity to test the game before you buy!

See full rules and terms here