Logitech's Craft keyboard gets more supported apps, SDK for developers

Now you can control VLC, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, and more with the Logitech Craft’s signature dial.

When Logitech launched its Craft keyboard last fall, its signature dial already packed out-of-the-box support for Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and several Adobe apps.


How to set a website as a Progressive Web App using Edge for Android

Setting a PWA on Android can be a bit confusing and weird. Here are two methods using the Microsoft Edge browser that will get you started.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are going coming online in 2018 with Google expected to make a big push mid-year and Microsoft with native support in Windows 10 Redstone 4 in the coming weeks.

If you have an Android phone and are using the Microsoft Edge browser, you can start to use many of the sites already.

Here are two ways to get a PWA website to act like a typical app on your Android phone.


Immortal Redneck Xbox One review: Silly fun, but rough around the edges

Immortal Redneck is a unique blend of dungeon crawling and arcade-like, first-person shooting that, while fun to play, feels lacking in a few areas.

Set in the sand dunes of Egypt, in Immortal Redneck for Xbox One you play as a stereotypical redneck who aims to fight his way to the top of Egypt’s ancient pyramids using a wide array of guns, skills, and abilities.

It’s a nonsensical premise, and it’s clear from the start that Immortal Redneck aims to offer a silly, casual experience. Though there are a few notable flaws, it’s still a good time and should be on your radar if you’re looking for some easygoing fun.


XCOM-like 'Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden' announced for Xbox One and PC

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden looks like a cross between Beyond Good & Evil and Fallout 3.

Today, developer Bearded Ladies and publisher Funcom announced Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. According to the companies, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure featuring a story set on a post-human Earth. The game combines strategy and the turn-based tactical combat of XCOM with real-time exploration and stealth gameplay. The team making Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has members who previous worked on titles like Hitman and Payday.


Nine Parchments Xbox One review: Gorgeous visuals in a restricted world

Nine Parchments features great gameplay and environments but the world feels limited.

Nine Parchments is a co-op blast ’em up game from Frozenbyte. Frozenbyte is famous for the Trine franchise and developing magic-based experiences. The title follows a group of runaway apprentice wizards who seize the opportunity to complete their spellbooks by going after the lost Nine Parchments.

Unfortunately, as the would-be wizards rapidly acquire powerful new spells without learning proper safety precautions, it’s only natural that their hasty progress results in plenty of deaths.

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Razer's Nommo Chroma speakers sound (and look) spectacular

The Razer Nommo Chroma speakers pack an aural punch in a small but fresh-looking package.

Reviewing speakers – especially ones for gaming – is always a challenge if you’re not well versed in the aural terminology of the business. Nonetheless, I know speakers that sound good and are fun to use from those that don’t sound so hot.

Luckily, the new Razer Nommo Chroma (about $150) fall into the former category.


Win a Sea of Thieves Xbox One X bundle from Windows Central!

This Sea of Thieves Xbox giveaways is in no way, shape, or form meant for landlubbers.

Sea of Thieves is sailing on the horizon, with less than a month remaining until the game’s expected release. Microsoft’s upcoming adventure game is showing promise as the ultimate pirate experience, sending players on adventures to uncover the most coveted loot. We know how anxious you are to get your hands on this much-anticipated release, so we’re going to hook one of you up with not only the game, but also the Sea of Thieves controller, and an Xbox One X to play it on! Keep reading for details!

How to enter to win the Sea of Thieves giveaway!

The prize

One lucky reader will win an Xbox One X, a copy of Sea of Thieves, and a limited edition Sea of Thieves wireless controller!

The rules

There are multiple ways to enter, each with varying point values, in the widget at the bottom of this post. Complete all of the tasks by clicking each option in the widget for maximum entries and your best shot at winning. Keep in mind that all winning entries are verified and if the task was not completed or cannot be verified, a new winner will be chosen. The contest is open internationally, but any customs fees or taxes incurred during shipping are the responsibility of the contest winner.

The giveaway is open until March 19, 2018, and the winner will be announced right here in the widget shortly after the close date.

Good luck!


5 crazy clips from the Sea of Thieves beta

Sea of Thieves allows for various hijinks due to its open gameplay.

Sea of Thieves is an open-ended pirate adventure where you make your own stories. Due to its nature, there are numerous hilarious moments which result in the course of normal gameplay. We’ve compiled some of the hilarious clips from the game where players are either barely avoiding a cannonball or showing off impressive finds.

Lots of chests

101 CHESTS WORLD RECORD!Next goal is 1st to be a Pirate legend..Cant wait for the full release… Love this game!@SeaOfThieves @RareLtd @Gamerboss https://t.co/2S9LVx36gD— ZubeyTweet (@ZubeySweet) February 18, 2018
This pirate managed to accumulate over a hundred chests.

Near miss

The Luck of Jack Sparrow from r/Seaofthieves

Sometimes being polite and bowing gets you out of trouble.