Windows Defender will soon set its sights on coercive 'cleaner' software

Windows Defender will protect you against potentially coercive ‘cleaner’ software starting on March 1.

Starting in March, Windows Defender will begin detecting and removing “cleaner” and “optimizer” applications that use coercive messages to scare people into upgrading to their paid versions.

Rocket League Xbox One X upgrade pushed to late 2018

The wait for Rocket League’s Xbox One X upgrade might lead us to the end of 2018.

Rocket League is a sports game where you control a vehicle and have to use it to play soccer. You jump, boost and hit your way to victory in intense single-player or multiplayer matches. The game looks sharp and runs smoothly on Xbox One, but many gamers have been waiting for the title’s Xbox One X upgrade. Unfortunately, it looks like the delay is more severe than we thought.

Trailmakers for Xbox and PC fuses alien environments with customizable vehicles

Trailmakers combines the thrill of exploring an alien planet with deep vehicle customization for a creative experience.

Trailmakers is a vehicle-building adventure from developers at Flashbulb Games who have worked for Press Play, Rare, and Square Enix in the past. The game is now available on Steam Early Access with an Xbox Game Preview release scheduled for later this year. In Trailmakers, gamers journey to a hazardous alien world where every mountain, river and ramp is a playground. You might remember Trailmakers as Project Karoo, which was conceptualized as an Xbox One exclusive under Press Play in years past.

Disney's Moana comes to Minecraft

Fans of Disney’s Moana are in for a treat if they also play Minecraft.

Minecraft’s Aquatic Update, which adds new content to the oceans, might be a few months away but today, Microsoft released the Moana Character Pack. The Moana Character Pack features famous Pacific Islanders, the shapeshifting god Maui, a giant gold-hoarding crab, pirates, apparitions, demons, and much more.

You can even play as the infamous chicken who has a habit of getting stuck in tricky situations. If you’re a fan of the Disney movie, then be sure to check out the pack in the Minecraft Marketplace right now.

Rainbow Six Siege 'Operation Chimera' Operators teased ahead of full reveal

Ubisoft has provided a first look at the next Operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft has officially kicked off the third year of post-launch content for its tactical first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. With a full reveal of its next season of content, “Operation Chimera,” on track for next month, the publisher is ramping up anticipation with a new teaser.