Skype for Fast Ring gets reordered settings, fewer connection attempts

A few days ago, Microsoft pushed a rather significant update to the Skype Preview app for Fast Ring Insiders. That release saw the addition of web and microphone setup, preview a webpage before you click it, quotes, and unread message marker.

Now, version 1.9.249 is available up from the previous 11.9.239 and with it come a few minor revisions.

CarterMcGServ: RT @SMBInsiderJoe: Have you checked out the newest episodes of the great shows on @CH9?? #MSPartner #Developer #Cloud #Azure #Windows10 htt…

CarterMcGServ: RT @SMBInsiderJoe: Have you checked out the newest episodes of the great shows on @CH9?? #MSPartner #Developer #Cloud #Azure #Windows10 htt…

NickolayV13: RT @SMBInsiderJoe: Have you checked out the newest episodes of the great shows on @CH9?? #MSPartner #Developer #Cloud #Azure #Windows10 htt…

NickolayV13: RT @SMBInsiderJoe: Have you checked out the newest episodes of the great shows on @CH9?? #MSPartner #Developer #Cloud #Azure #Windows10 htt…

SMBInsiderJoe: Have you checked out the newest episodes of the great shows on @CH9?? #MSPartner #Developer #Cloud #Azure #Windows10

SMBInsiderJoe: Have you checked out the newest episodes of the great shows on @CH9?? #MSPartner #Developer #Cloud #Azure #Windows10

Take the State of the Mobile Nations Phones Survey for your chance to win $600 towards a new phone!

Silly season for new phones and gadgets is on us — it feels like we can’t go a week without a major release as the calendar races into the holidays. There are a bunch of new phones out there and we wanted to get an idea about what’s important to you in a phone and in a cellular carrier. Thus, this survey.

We get a little detailed, but that’s because we want to suss out what it is that drives your decisions in purchasing a new phone or picking a new carrier. These are expensive and long-term choices, and your answers will help to influence what we write. This survey is your chance to help guide and inform how we approach answering your most important technology questions for years to come!

And because we love you, one random respondent to this survey will win $600 to buy the new phone of your dreams — or to pay for the next several months of your mobile service!

Hit up the survey below (or click here to open in a new window); it should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Alcatel Idol 4S full specifications and included VR apps revealed

The Alcatel Idol 4S coming to T-Mobile (US) on November 10 is quickly garnering interest as more information leaks out. Besides the street date and price for the phone we can also now share the pre-installed VR apps and full specs.

Like the Android Idol 4S, the Windows 10 Mobile variant has a focus on VR. Alcatel makes the shipping box for the Idol 4S double as the VR headset, which is a great twofer. (You can watch the unboxing of the Android version below to get an idea of what to expect).

Office Sway: You had questions, I've got answers!

Sitting down with the people who make Sway!

Microsoft flew me and about sixteen or seventeen other folks to the Redmond campus for an Interaction Day to talk about Sway. As a Microsoft enthusiast, this was a great experience, and I’d like to take this opportunity to share my story with you faithful readers and fellow enthusiasts.

For starters, this trip was part of the Signal program. Signal is a project initiated by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that’s designed to connect Microsoft with their customers. It is meant to help Microsoft find out how customers are using their products and to get feedback on what customers may want. Rather than relying on hypothetical scenarios, this project also allows Microsoft to solve real problems by interacting with and understanding real customers. The program is founded on Microsoft’s customer obsession ethos.

To be clear, I was not chosen for this session because I am a writer for Windows Central. The invitation was based entirely on my personal activity and passion as a Sway user.

Pick Me, Pick Me!

To be completely candid I had no idea that the Signal program even existed. Early this month I received a survey from the Sway team which indicated that they recognized my activity and that the survey was sent to a select group of individuals. I completed the survey and gave it little further thought.

Introducing List view for managing your reports

Last week at PASS Summit 2016, we demonstrated many of the enhancements in SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services, but we also showed off a couple of enhancements we’ve made to the Reporting Services web portal since that release in June. Let’s take a look at them!
List view
When you access the new Reporting Services web portal, you see your content in a Tiles view. With your key performance indicators (KPIs) at the top and your reports and files organized by type, Tiles view is great for monitoring your business at a glance or for browsing your reports.
Previous versions of Reporting Services offered a “Details” view as well, and while we wanted to create a modern version for SSRS 2016, we couldn’t quite squeeze it into RTM. Since then, we’ve heard from many of who you love the new web portal and Tiles view (and KPIs!), but do miss having a “Details” view.
We’re happy to say that “Details” view is back – and better than before in the form of a new List view:

With List view, you can

See descriptions and other details at a glance
Sort (for example, to find the most recently-modified items)
Move or delete many items at once

You can switch between Tiles and List view from the View menu:

And in a nice enhancement over previous versions of Reporting Services, the new web portal remembers your selection even after you close your web browser, so if you prefer to work in List view, you can choose it once and start there every day.
Context menu
Another point of feedback we heard from you is that you like the ability to right-click a report and see a context menu with useful metadata (e.g., who changed the report and when), but wish you could perform some common tasks without the extra click through the “Manage” page:

We heard you and we’ve revamped the context menu so common tasks are only a click away, from editing a report, to downloading a copy, to moving it to another folder:

Try it now and send us your feedback
We’re pleased to say that we’re including both List view and the new context menu in an update for SSRS 2016 coming later this fall, and if you’d like to try them today, we’ve included them in the Technical Preview as well.

Get the Technical Preview from the Azure Marketplace
Post in the Reporting Services forum (or if you prefer, send us an email)
Join the conversation on Twitter: @SQLServerBI, #SSRS