NeuvooITPhoenix: Looking for a #Systems #Engineer (JavaScript .NET SQL Server required) – REMOTE position #jobs

NeuvooITPhoenix: Looking for a #Systems #Engineer (JavaScript .NET SQL Server required) – REMOTE position #jobs

eFitFashion wins Microsoft's 2015 Imagine Cup with platform for custom-tailored clothing

The winner of Microsoft’s 2015 Imagine Cup competition has been crowned, and its a marriage of fashion and technology. The winners are a student team from Brazil that created software called Clothes for Me that automatically creates custom clothing from a user’s measurements and then puts those users in touch with tailors to produce and sell the result.

Report: Windows 10 is now installed on 67 million PCs as of this morning

A Microsoft employee who wishes to remain anonymous to the public has informed Windows Central that as of 8 AM this morning, the Windows 10 OS has reportedly been installed on a massive 67 million machines. Even more interesting is the claim that Microsoft hit a max bandwidth of 15 Tb/s, topping the previous record of Apple’s 8 Tb/s during their last OS push. Microsoft has reportedly reserved up to 40Tb/s “from all of the third-party CDNs combined”.

AT&T responds to BBB complaint, Lumia 830 likely to never get Lumia Denim update

The Lumia Denim update has come and gone for many Windows Phone owners. Announced back at IFA in September 2014, the update continued to roll out to devices through early spring. One phone, however, missed the update, and it was the Lumia 830 for AT&T. It is ironic, if only because Denim was co-announced with the Lumia 830 at IFA yet it was the AT&T Lumia 1520 that managed to snag the update instead. Fast forward to July 2015 and at this point it is a safe bet that the AT&T Lumia 830 will not see Lumia Denim. A reader of the site, Noah M., filed a complaint against AT&T with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to express his frustration.

How Microsoft IT built a private cloud self-service offering

Microsoft IT has deployed a private cloud infrastructure on a global scale, which supports a cost- and time-saving self-service capability for internal customers who need servers for line of-business applications and services. Built on the Microsoft IT private cloud, the service uses Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Windows Azure Pack. Learn how IT pros built the self-service environment, from provisioning hardware through deploying the Microsoft suite of virtual machine-related products.

Relation between VendPackingSlipTrans and VendInoiceTRans Dynamics Ax 2012

Today I got chance to find a relationship between vendor packing list and vendor Invoice.  I was expecting that it there was direct relationship between VendPackingtrans and VendInvocietrans. If you expand VendInvoceTrans, there will be a relation but that relation will never use in Dynamics ax 2012. After searching I found VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch table which has relation between VendPackingTrans and VendInvoiceTrans.
VendPackingSlipTrans _PackingTrans;

VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch _ VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch;

vendInvoicetrans _ vendInvoicetrans;

I got the VendInvoiceTrans and VendPackingTrans as follow.

select firstOnly * from _PackingTrans

join _VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch

where _VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch.InvoiceSourceDocumentLIne ==vendInvoiceTrans.SourceDocumentLine

&& _PackingTrans.SourceDocumentLine == _VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch.PackingSlipSourceDocumentLine;

Azure News on Friday (KW31/15)

Auch diese Woche gab’s wieder viele Nachrichten zur Microsoft Azure Plattform. Hier sind nähere Infos dazu… Aktuelle Neuigkeiten Datum Nachricht 29.07. Security Reviews in Preview in Azure AD Premium! In Azure AD sind ab sofort Security Reviews als Preview verfügbar. 28.07. Monitoring your SQL Sentry data with Power BI In Power BI können jetzt auch SQL Sentry Daten visualisiert und ausgeweitet werden. 28.07. Hybrid Management in Azure Automation Cloud und On-Premises Ressourcen in Azure Automation via Hybrid Management verwalten 28.07. SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2.2 is available Ab sofort ist die SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview verfügbar. 28.07. Create and Edit DocumentDB Server Side Scripts in the Azure Preview Portal Stored Procedures, UDFs und Trigger in DocumentDB können jetzt im Azure Preview Portal verwaltet werden 28.07. Everything you need to know about Shared Access Signatures from multiple languages Dieser Blogpost erklärt, wie unter Node, PHP, Java und C# Shared Access Signatures erzeugt und für Storage-Zugriff genutzt werden können.