Windows Phone Central 166

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 166 for 29th January, 2014
The news you care about

We’ve released our Windows 8 app!
Microsoft makes it “easier” to plan app launches… nope
Full screen artist visualisations for your tablet to enjoy
Rebrands! episode 1: OneDrive
Rebrands! episode 2: Office Online
Official Tinder to replace 6Tindr

Apps worth your attention

Path joins Windows Phone
Viber v4 is released
Custom notifications coming to Whatsapp
Windows Phone users can finally take a trip to San Andreas
Paper Monsters – a great platformer comes to Windows Phone
Bing Travel makes it’s way on to Windows Phone
We’re on Android now

Conversation this week

Windows Phone 8.1 mockup, what does it tell us?
Nokia Design Seminar – did you sign up?
On the subject of fake news
The Lumia 929 – elusive and mystifying
How did Windows Phone perform in Q4 2012?


Comments from last time
Live questions and comments

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