Step by step Windows 7 Ultimate RC installation guide

Hey, today I am bit excited with my new computer, here is what the configuration are:

  • Intel Dual Core 2.5GHz
  • XFX Motherboard 610i
  • 4GB RAM
  • 320GB Hard Drive
  • Sony DVD writer

Nothing new right? Yes, I know this is not the latest configuration to be very excited for or to mention it here but still…

With this configuration I desperately wanted to install Windows 7 Release Candidate.

Downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate RC Build 7100 32bit ISO file using previous post link and burned the ISO file on to a DVD.

To be safer I first took the backup of my whole hard drive data and then proceeded with Windows 7 installation.

Initially I thought it to be very complicated to install Windows 7, but to my surprise it is very easy, quick and user friendly; it took me less than half an hour to install Windows 7 Ultimate RC Build 7100.

Let me share this step by step Windows 7 installation guide which I followed:

  1. Boot the computer using Windows 7 DVD
  2. The very first screen asks you about the “Select Language”, “Time and Currency Format” and “Keyboard or Input method”. Choose appropriate and click on “Next” to go to next screen. (Windows calls this part as Information Gathering)
  3. In this screen click on “Install Now”
  4. Check the “Accept the License term” and click on “Next”
  5. Here you need to choose the option whether to “Upgrade” or “Custom Install”. Select “Upgrade if you want to Upgrade Windows else choose “Custom Install”. I have selected “Custom Install” for a clean installation.
  6. Screen prompts for selecting partition to which Windows to be installed, select the partition from the list of partition available and click on “Next” (If you want to format or create the partition/s then click on “Advance Drive Options” this will list you all the drive options.)
  7. Now “Installing Windows” screen appears, starts with expanding files, copies files, configures and installs hardware devices. In progress computer will restart couple of times.
  8. That’s it your Windows 7 installation is done.

Windows 7 installation process is very much user friendlier than ever. I would recommend you install and try Windows 7 as this will be the next widely used operating system.