The SIM-unlocked Alcatel IDOL 4S quietly goes on sale through the Microsoft Store

Looks like speculation that Alcatel’s Idol 4S running Windows 10 Mobile going carrier-unlocked (GSM) after a T-Mobile exclusivity ended were true. As spotted on MSPU Microsoft has begun to make the rather powerful – and impressive – Windows 10 Mobile phone available for purchase in the US through their store.

Asking price is still the same $470, which includes the VR goggle package and 21MP rear camera.

Here's the new Xbox Guide Menu accessible via a single button-tap

As we detailed previously, Xbox Platform head Mike Ybarra gave a sneak peek of the new Xbox Guide menu during a stream on his Beam channel.

Back in November 2016, we detailed how Microsoft was planning to expand the Xbox Guide Menu to include pins and other features to promote speed of access to essential console features. Now, we’ve been given a glimpse at the new menu ahead of its release, which will likely appear in a new build in the Xbox Insider Program shortly.

Windows Central Podcast 32: The Surface Studio isn't for everyone

This week on the Windows Central Podcast: We talk major build releases, our Surface Studio review, Game Mode and more!

Microsoft had a pretty busy week last week thinking about it, with two major builds released to Insiders, the announcement of Game Mode and upcoming improvements to the Xbox One dashboard, and we even had our own Surface Studio review go live! We talk all that, and more in this weeks podcast.

Microsoft Office 365 reduces threats, and enhances visibility and compliance (Business case study)

At Microsoft IT, we use Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 features to complement our security platform services and enhance visibility into our software as a service infrastructure. Policy-based Advanced Security Management discovers anomalies, app usage, and shadow IT. Advanced Threat Protection helps stop zero-day and sophisticated attacks. Finally, in an era of ever-increasing amounts and complexity of data, eDiscovery technologies streamline compliance and discovery requests.

Microsoft Power BI Pro and MyAnalytics drive executive effectiveness (Business Case Study)

At Microsoft, we want to use data to influence every decision. Our IT executives use business intelligence to help inform decision making and effective communication. Executive Insights dashboards—powered by Power BI Pro—intuitively visualize data, facilitate deeper analysis, and help us make more informed decisions. MyAnalytics quickly analyzes—in aggregate—consumption and actions taken on qualified IT executive group email messages. And MyAnalytics data lets them fine-tune their communication strategies.

A Microsoft employee and ardent Windows phone fan explains his switch to Android

Most people I know don’t use a Windows phone. With just 1% market share, most people that most people know don’t use a Windows phone.

Several months ago, while I was at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters, most Microsoft employees I saw with smartphones didn’t use Windows phones. With Android claiming 84% share and the iPhone approximately 15%, statistically speaking, most Microsoft employees use iPhones and Android phones.

There are some die-hard Windows phone fans among Microsoft’s ranks, however. Just as with the non-Microsoft employee fan base, however, that number’s decreasing. Adharsh Kannan, a data scientist at Microsoft, is among the ranks of those defectors. Kannan is a fan who loves and still sees the value of the platform. For reasons he expressed in a LinkedIn post, however, he felt compelled to switch to Android.

Microsoft employee, Adharsh Kannan, felt compelled to switch to Android.

Microsoft Surface Studio review: you'll want one, even if you don't need one

The Surface Studio may be too successful for its own good. It’s not designed — or priced — for everybody, but it’s still great.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is perhaps its most ambitious – yet odd – addition to the Surface line yet. In many ways, it is the most inspiring desktop computer to launch at a time when PC sales are struggling for the fifth straight year.

Starting at $3,000 and going all the way up to $4,200, the Studio is a significant investment. What did Microsoft get right and what did they get wrong? There are plenty of pros and cons with the unique creation inspired PC that I found in my few weeks of using it.

Dell XPS 15 9550 vs XPS 15 9560: What's different and should you upgrade?

What are the differences between the XPS 15 9550 and the XPS 15 9560?

The refreshed XPS 15 9560 is now available from Dell, and you might be wondering whether you should stick with the older 9550 model or upgrade to the latest model. While there aren’t any major outward changes, the new XPS 15 has been refined to include the latest Kaby Lake processors and a brand new NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU. Let’s take a look at all the differences between the XPS 15 9550 and 9560 to help you decide which one works best for you.

Quick-reference hardware specs
Two biggest changes to the XPS 15
Other notable changes
Which should you buy?

Quick-reference hardware specs

To help you decide which XPS 15 is best for you, here’s a collection of the specs each model has on offer.