This is my rig: where games and work coexist

Here’s a closer look at the devices and accessories I use on a daily basis.

I’ve always felt that your office setup can have a huge bearing on your performance while working – with me personally preferring a much cleaner and minimalistic approach to my workspace. After recently moving and gaining a brand-new office, it’s allowed me to not only start afresh but also build up a setup that suits my current workflow.

As a part of the Xbox team at Windows Central, my workstation and gaming setup have been interlaced into a central location. Although my setup is tailored to content creation, its gaming roots are still present and readily evident.

What’s inside the rig

When building my desktop PC earlier this year, several factors drew me towards the higher-end hardware I eventually ended up using. At a time where several consumer virtual reality headsets had released and NVIDIA was debuting its first line of Pascal graphics cards, it felt like the perfect time to invest in a top-tier PC. Scouting other deals ongoing at the time, I brought together an amalgamation of components that fitted best within my budget (Saying that, I did manage to exceed that budget by several hundred dollars, as we gamers are wont to do).

Starting off with the case, I chose to go for Carbine Series 600C – an inverse windowed ATX case from Corsair. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of inverse cases due to their muddled presentation, this case fitted in seamlessly within my setup.

This is what you need for room-scale on Oculus Rift

Setting up Oculus Rift to fill a room takes a little work, but it’s so worth it.

With the addition of Oculus Touch controllers, anyone with an Oculus Rift now has the ability to walk around in VR and interact with things by moving your actual arms. There’s already a ton of great games to support this experience, but now it’s time to figure out how to maximize your play space and ensure you have lots of room to play around without your controllers disappearing on you while you’re playing.

That means setting your Oculus Rift up for what is called room-scale gaming, and while it takes a little setting up and testing you’ll be very happy with the end results.

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YODspica: Microsoft #Office365 Trending News is out! #Cloud #Microsoft @perfectimage @redbadgerteam @scottisafool #uwp

YODspica: Microsoft #Office365 Trending News is out! #Cloud #Microsoft @perfectimage @redbadgerteam @scottisafool #uwp

Razer Blade (late 2016) second opinion: a full HD gaming powerhouse

A quick Editor’s review of the Razer Blade laptop

I’ve been using the Razer Blade (late-2016) with the matte full HD display for the last few weeks. Razer is easily the top-brand in this segment of hardware making their latest Blade the gold standard.

If you’ve already read our full review of the new QHD Razer Blade, well, here’s some more. I wanted to check out the Razer Blade too, so I picked up the full HD version instead. A few of us at Windows Central are going all in on Razer and there’s a good reason why.

talktosavjani: SQL Server – A data platform for businesses of all sizes #oracle #MySQL #PostgreSQL #sqlserver #azure #cloud

talktosavjani: SQL Server – A data platform for businesses of all sizes #oracle #MySQL #PostgreSQL #sqlserver #azure #cloud