Should you buy digital or physical Xbox One games?

There’s a case for both, but which is actually best?

Every single Xbox One game on the market can be bought from the comfort of your couch and installed on to your console without the need for a disc. It’s a pretty great thing to have at your disposal.

Equally, you can still buy most of the games available from the big publishers as a physical copy from the retailer of your choice. So we have a good choice of how to get our fix.

But which is better to buy? There are pros, and there are cons, so lets set out the case for each.

TerraMaster F4-220 review: A solid NAS for the home let down by sub-par software

Looking for a sleek-looking NAS for your home? Take a look at this slab of metal.

The Network Attached Storage market is heating up as more consumers hop aboard and start storing data locally on the home network. TerraMaster has an affordable, yet powerful option available called the F4-220, which sports four drive bays, an Intel processor, and a metal chassis. All sounds good so far, but does the software part meet expectation after unboxing, and is setting up a painless experience?

Most anticipated Xbox One games launching next week: Banner Saga 3, No Man's Sky, and more

Every week, numerous games launch on Xbox One, but which ones truly stand out? Here are some of the biggest and most anticipated titles launching across Microsoft’s platforms next week.

Next week we have one new “AAA” release on Xbox One, but there are still a few surprises here and there. Notably, No Man’s Sky is finally launching on the console, and The Banner Saga 3 is a great improvement over the previous games. With that in mind, here are all the biggest games launching next week, between July 23 and July 27, 2018.

Chime in: Will this Surface 'Andromeda' online petition make a difference?

An online petition asks fans to sign in an attept to save Microsoft’s mythical Andromeda project. Do you think it’ll make much of a difference?

A couple of weeks ago, news of Microsoft’s mythical Andromeda project being possibly canceled swept the online world, which had many fans in a bit of a panic, so much so a petition showed up online asking fans to sign and convince Microsoft that people do in fact want a foldable mobile device running Windows 10.

Microsoft could save ‘Surface Andromeda’ with an Insider Program for hardware

But the question we have for you today is, have you signed it? Do you think signing an online petition makes much of a difference when it comes to Microsoft products? The petition itself has already gained over 16,000 signatures, which is pretty impressive for a device that hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

What you missed this week on

Yeah, it was all about Amazon Prime Day. And other stuff.

Amazon Prime Day has come and gone. (Though some deals definitely are lingering.) Did you buy anything? Did you stick your head in the sand and pretend that uncontrolled amounts of consumerism aren’t actually a thing?

Doesn’t matter, really — because billions and billions of people (OK, probably more like millions) did take advantage of Prime day.

And it should be no surprise that the Amazon Fire TV Stick led the way, followed by Fire TV 4K pendant. Personally I’d stay away from the underpowered sticks, but it’s hard to argue with a $39 streaming device.

The 50-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition came in fifth — again, not a huge surprise given the price.

No Fire TV Cube in the Top 10? That’s not overly surprising, either, given how new it is. (And that it’s the most expensive, even on Prime Day.) If you’re still deciding whether to pick one up, check out our video review:

Revisit the good old days with the NES Classic Mini, now in stock at Amazon

You should hurry up.

Ah, Nintendo, breaker of hearts and crusher of dreams. How can one company be so good at releasing such limited quantities of the coolest items ever?!

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini has been hard to nab from the get-go. When it was first released, people waited in line for hours in the hopes of snatching one up — myself included. This little gadget hit the reseller market fast after stock was depleted, selling for up to $1,000. Seriously. It was once thought to be gone forever, and it left thousands of fans upset, knowing that they may never have the chance to revisit their childhood favorites on an actual Nintendo machine. (Yes, you can emulate retro games. No, it isn’t the same. Don’t @ me.)

Kona VR review: A PC port that makes the original game better

Kona, the open-world mystery thriller released in 2017, has been ported over to VR.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to play through Kona on a standard monitor (colloquially known as the pancake version), it’s the story of Carl Faubert, a Korean War veteran who’s been hired to investigate some shady goings-on in the barren, cold land of Northern Canada. Since its release into Early Access in 2016 and full release in 2017, Kona has racked up an overall “Very Positive” score on Steam, with most people agreeing that it’s well worth the money if only a bit short on content. We even covered an early version of the standard Kona, stating that “Kona mixes exploration, puzzle solving, and story to create a compelling narrative.”

Kona has now been reworked to include VR support, officially working on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and not seeming to work at all on Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). This DLC doesn’t come free, costing about $5 for those who own the standard game already and about $16 for a complete bundle. Let’s take a look at whether or not Kona VR is worth the extra money based on how well it performs in VR.

Xbox One S vs. Xbox One X: Which console should you buy?

If you’re an Xbox fan looking to upgrade your old 2013 Xbox One, or even an old-school Xbox 360, there are two main console options for you to consider.

The Xbox One S launched in 2016, with all-new 4K capabilities, including UHD Blu-ray and support for 4K media streaming, including Netflix. At the same event, the Xbox One X was announced, built to power 4K media, Blu-ray, and games, wrapped in the smallest Xbox console ever made.

At face value, the primary differences are price and power. The Xbox One S can be purchased for around $249, whereas the Xbox One X clocks in at $499. The Xbox One S is only slightly more powerful than the Xbox One of 2013, outputting games at around 1080p. The Xbox One X is far, far more powerful, outputting games at full 4K with enhanced textures, visuals, and other effects.

Still, there are many other nuances to consider when examining the differences between the two, and we’ll go through and work out which might be best for you.

No Man's Sky Xbox One footage appears online

No Man’s Sky looks amazing on Xbox One.

Ever since No Man’s Sky was announced for Xbox One, gamers have been clamoring for footage from the console. According to various sources, there’s a strict embargo of July 24, 2018 — when the game launches — and it’s impossible to find footage. Luckily, that changed a few hours ago because a YouTuber by the name of “Architect” posted a video recorded from the console. No Man’s Sky looks like a smooth experience on the system and should be even better on Microsoft’s upgraded console.

Resident Evil 2: Collector's Edition goes up for preorder

We all want it.

Recently, a Resident Evil 2 remake was announced at the PlayStation E3 2018 event. Unfortunately, it was unclear if the game was a PlayStation 4 exclusive or coming to other platforms. Luckily, we reached out to Capcom and the team provided us with confirmation that Resident Evil 2 was indeed coming to Xbox One on January 25, 2019 with Xbox One X enhancements in tow.